I continually recommend Lisa to my friends who are faced with escalating health insurance costs, or transferring from employee paid to self-employed status and therefor paying out of their own pockets. Lisa (and her fantastic cadre of employees) has not only saved me money up front, but has reduced my deductible by 80 percent! There is no way I could know the amount she knows with the level of detail and the ability to discern what fits my needs. AND she puts it in language I understand, short and sweet.

Maria Choban
Lisa's knowledge in the field of medical insurance is extensive. As everyone knows it's a nightmare trying to wade through the red tape, hoping to come up with the best fit and best value possible. Lisa recently saved me over 40% on my medical insurance without giving up any benefits. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa!

Kathy Wall
I was introduced to Lisa through a very long-time friend who was also a client of hers. Lisa proved to be exactly as described - a knowledgeable industry professional capable of identifying exactly what I needed for "health care coverage" for the self-employed. Each year since summer 2008 I've returned to her for updates, and in March of 2011 engaged her to provide the same services for my wife Annie. Can't say enough positive about Lisa.

Robert M. West
Lisa is the consummate professional in her field as an independent health insurance agent. She makes it her business to know the details of every plan with every insurance company provider in the local area. Lisa analyzed my plan, prepared the pros and cons and made a solid recommendation based on my needs. She is also highly knowledgeable regarding Medicare and Lisa also stays current and forward-looking regarding healthcare legislation at the state and national levels. Engage with Lisa.....you will be very well served

Laura Schlafly
My wife and I have worked with Lisa twice to help us make decisions about health insurance. In each instance, she has provided timely, accurate and knowledgeable advice that allowed us to choose wisely. She also has a solid even temperament and sense of humor. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for health insurance.

Amiel Handelsman
Lisa helped us navigate the difficult world of health insurance. Her expertise and follow-thru supported our family in being well covered as we faced various transitions. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone addressing health insurance needs.

Julie Endress
I've had the great pleasure to work with Lisa is a variety of capacities: as the provider of my personal health insurance, as a fellow board member of WIFS Portland Metro, and as a colleague in writing business. Lisa gets the job done efficiently and correctly every single time, no exceptions. Her integrity is absolute and I can confidently refer her services to my clients, knowing she'll do a great job and make me look good in the process. Thank you Lisa!

Lucy Walsh
Lisa is very goal oriented and customer oriented. I have worked with her on some legislative projects and was very impressed on how she presented her materials to a legislative hearing. I have also worked with her as a client of her business and when completed with the interview for services felt that I was placed in the proper product.

Bob Buxman