Your Insurance Plan is about to change!

We know that change can be scary!


Over the last few months you have probably heard all sorts of information related to the Affordable Care Act. Some of the information may be rumors and some may be factual.

Let’s review some basic facts you should know for 2014:

  • All qualified plan will be guaranteed issue with no pre-existing exclusions; which means no medical questions or underwriting! (Health History…is history!)
  • All individual and small group health plans will need to meet specific guidelines with regards to covered services, officially referred to as the Essential Health Benefits, click here to review the list.
  • The new insurance plans on the market will will need to meet specific guidelines on out-of-pocket expenses, i.e. $6,350 Individual / $12,700 family.
  • Most current non-grandfathered individual health plans will sunset as of December 31, 2013. Your current insurance carrier will map you to an appropriate plan within their new portfolio.
  • All consumers will have an opportunity to review their new plan selection with their current carrier along with additional plans on the market starting October 1st, 2013 through March 31st, 2014.


Let us help you through it!

The Agents and staff of Health Source NW have been working very hard to prepare for the upcoming changes to ensure we can assist ALL of our clients transition into 2014.

Consumers will have 2 options to shop for insurance plans either through the direct market or the new state-based exchange Cover Oregon.

  1. For those who qualify for financial assistance, we can help you purchase your insurance through Cover Oregon.
  2. For those who do not qualify for financial assistance, we are here to help you purchase a plan through the direct market.


Health Source NW has purchased specially-designed quoting software that will allow us to determine if you qualify for assistance or not. Also, we will have the capability to compare ALL plans on the market so that we can assist you with choosing the right plan!


For a broad-based overview of the Affordable Care Act, you can watch this video 



My Team and I are ready to answer your questions and put your mind at ease!


Open Enrollment begins 10/01/2013.


Call us at 503-650-2199 to make your appointment.



Lisa Lettenmaier, Principal Agent and Owner


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