We're Here to Help!

Insurance shouldn’t be scary, it should be comforting, afterall, it’s there to protect YOU!

Finding the perfect plan and company to meet your specific needs is what we do best.

Health Source NW is an independent agency here to serve you in navigating the complexities of Health, Life, and Disability insurance throughout Oregon and SW Washington to find the plan that best suits your needs.


Our goal is to give clients an overall picture of their insurance needs. We work directly with YOU to tailor a benefits package that will fit your budget.

Insurance rates are state regulated! This means you will pay the same premium whether you buy through us, go directly to the carrier, or purchase on-line. However, the benefit of going through us is, you will receive detailed customer service at no additional cost to you.

Let owner Lisa and her associate help you design an insurance program you will understand, feel comfortable with and will maximize your protection in a time of need.

What We Do

Initial Review of Your Current Coverage

When we sit down for our initial review, we want to know what you currently have for insurance and how well it has or has not worked for you. If our advisors feel that your current plan is better than other options we can offer in the marketplace, we’re going to advise you to stay as is. If it is not broken, why fix it?

Comprehensive Comparison of Coverage

Think of us as your personal shopper, to help review and compare insurance plans side by side and point out differences in product, network access, and customer service from one carrier to the next. Our goal is to help you select a plan that will fit your needs AND your budget.

Efficient Processing of Your Application

Our services continue through the application process. No one likes filling out applications, but if  this is done incorrectly, any missing or questionable information can cause huge delays in the underwriting process. We know what information the insurance companies need to review your application so we will make sure your application is correct and complete before it is sent for review.

Customer Service

We have a full-time staff that is dedicated to your satisfaction. It is not just our motto; it is our pledge to you. If you ever have a problem with a claim or any service you receive from an insurance company, we will gladly step in and help move the process forward and we will be happy to do it.

Coverage Review When You Want It

All insurance products should be reviewed on a regular basis…at least once every year or two. Our friendly staff will make outreach calls once a year to check in with you and see how your coverage is working. In addition, we are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your plan or address any changes in the market.